RaceTick for Wear OS

Regatta timer for 5•4•1•0 ISAF countdown.

RaceTick for Wear OS
RaceTick for Wear OS - Apps on Google Play
Best watch friend for ISAF CountDown in regatta

RaceTick is a regatta timer for 5•4•1•0 ISAF countdown.

If you've already own a Wear OS smartwatch, why spend money to use a dedicated one.

RaceTick is kept simple as possible on 3 swipeable screens :

  • Screen 1 : the countdown with no button to prevent any unwanted actions.
  • Screen 2 : actions to stop/pause/reset countdown and the sync button.
  • Screen 3 : Settings with enable countdown vibration, touch vibration and enable disable backsync

If BackSync is enable, a countdown will sync to the upper minute up to +15s :
3'55 -> SYNC -> 4'00
if it's disabled
3'55 -> SYNC -> 3'00

We hope you'll enjoy this countdown, please give us feedback, we love it !